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Nearly a third of Connecticut residents under age 21 report having consumed alcohol in the past month, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. That’s one out of every three underage residents. Furthermore, around 20% of adults report binge drinking in the past month, a staggering one out of every five.

Per SAMHSA, the state of Connecticut ranks 7th for most prevalent drug/alcohol abuse. This is a rather unfortunate statistic, but we’re here to help, and with fortunate news. There’s plenty of free and confidential help for those suffering from alcohol abuse in The Constitution State. Alcoholism is a disease, and the cure begins with helping yourself. Let us help you do just that.

Alcohol Awareness Hotline

The website sponsors a 24/7 hotline that offers free help to anyone suffering from alcohol abuse. Call 855-955-0771 to be connected to a specialist who will listen and help in any way possible. The site also offers direct links to helpful resources and support groups. Their mission is to raise awareness of alcohol abuse by means of offering free help and resources. Call today.

Connecticut DMHAS

The state’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services sponsors a program called the BHRP, or Behavioral Health Recovery Program. The mission is to “provide eligible participants with clinical and basic recovery support services,” according to the website. Residents may call 800-658-4472 for basic needs or may call 800-606-3677 for clinical services.


The Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership is a coalition of multiple state agencies that aims to make it easier to connect CT residents with available resources. Residents, dial 800-842-9710 to be connected with a specialist, or visit the website for more.

When you're ready, we're here to listen.

Free & Confidential Alcohol Abuse Hotline

Our Mission

Our goal is to raise awareness for alcoholism. As recovering alcoholics ourselves we know how hard it is to find reliable, and free resources to help yourself or a loved one. This website does just that. If you want to talk, getting help for alcoholism is only a phone call away. Our free alcohol abuse hotline is available 24/7.

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